Paleo Waffles with Bob's Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour

Paleo Waffles with Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour

Try this yummy paleo waffle recipe from bob’s red mill using their paleo baking flour for delicious fluffy and satisfying waffles!

Recipe Inspiration 

The back of the bag!  I’m giggling while writing this but i’m serious. My sister brought over a bag of bob’s red mill paleo baking flour to try out and I happened to turn it over. On the back of the bag was a paleo pancake recipe. The recipe is mighty easy so I decided to whip up a batch and give it a try in a waffle iron. Since I was testing, I made no changes to the recipe and followed it using plant-based milk (I used homemade cashew milk, you can get my recipe here) and maple syrup to sweeten. I did not need to thin out the batter, as the instructions said you may have to. I’m sure this recipe would make good pancakes as well. 

The resulting waffles were slightly crisp on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside without being gritty. I did notice they had a delightfully nutty smell that poured out from my waffle iron as  I was cooking them, I’m sure this was from the almonds in the flour mix toasting on the metal. The scent didn’t linger long and did not create a heavy almond taste in the final waffle.  These were great served with whipped butter, maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit. The last detail i noticed was after finishing my food. These waffles didn’t leave me dragging as you would a traditional starch-heavy brunch. Instead, I was satisfied, and energized, ready to take on the rest of my Saturday. What a lovely effect! I would definitely consider swapping out some of my traditional breakfast treats for this paleo option. 

Great job bob’s red mill! this is a very well balanced flour with no hidden ingredients, which I love. I’m looking forward to trying new recipes with it and will update you as I do! I would definitely recommend it for your gluten-free paleo baking needs.  

Paleo Waffles with Bob's Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour
Paleo Waffles with Bob's Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour
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Bob's Red Mill Paleo Waffles

Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time10 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Breakfast, brunch, sides
Cuisine: American
Keyword: breakfast, brunch, gluten free, paleo, waffles
Yield: 4 people


  • 1 small bowl
  • 1 large bowl


  • 1 cup bob’s red mill paleo baking flour
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 egg
  • 1/2 cup non-dairy milk or water
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil melted
  • 2 tsp honey or maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • Preheat waffle iron. In a small bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Add dry ingredients and whisk thoroughly.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk or water, coconut oil, honey or maple syrup, and vanilla extract.
  • If the batter seems too thick, add a little non-dairy milk or water until the desired consistency is reached.
  • Then portion about 1/3 cup of batter for each waffle and cook according to manufactures directions. Makes 4 large waffles or 16 small ones.


If batter seems too thick, add a little non-dairy milk or water until the desired consistency is reached.

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2 years ago

5 stars
These are so good!!! We have a very restricted diet and this made us feel a little bit normal in life again. Thank you for your time and creativity.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for these!!! I have a lot of allergies and I’ve been searching everywhere to find a waffle version using Bob’s paleo flour. The only one I found is whipping egg whites, and it’s a hassle and tasted eggy. Yours came out PERFECT. I added a tablespoon of extra flour to thicken the batter and it worked well. God bless your journey and please make more recipes!

2 years ago

5 stars
Whoops! Forget to add the stars. ☺️

1 year ago

5 stars
These turned out perfect, thank you!

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