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Classic french toast recipe shaped to make anyone smile. Simply take some crusty Italian bread and slice into 1-1.5 in slices and cut each slice on a diagonal. Take each half slice and flip them around to create a heart. To cook, dip the two half-slices into french toast batter and place in a buttered skillet or griddle.


Perfect recipes to start the day with. Featuring, bakes, smoothies, breads and more


Plant-based, filling, and delicious recipes without meat and with a limited about of dairy.

5 Ingredients or Less

Small ingredient list, lots of flavor! These recipes use minimal ingredients to save you time and money in the kitchen


Dishes inspired by various countries around the world!


All my favorite beverage recipes, including coffee, tea, smoothies and more!


Dishes that wow your tastebuds and are perfect way end your day

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