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I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying fantast home cooks, working in restaurant kitchens, undergo extensive culinary training and travel to faraway places

Hi, I’m Arica Jackson Morgan. I’ve been madly in love with food. And hooked to the stove since the tender age of 4.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying amazing family cooks, working in restaurant kitchens, undergoing extensive culinary training, and traveling to faraway places to appreciate food in as many ways as possible.

You will find my cooking style is eclectic, to say the least. No one who has asked “what’s your favorite dish” has gotten a straight answer out of me. This is because I can never settle on just one cuisine. Makes it more interesting right?!

I’ve spent the past 13 years passionately cooking and the past 5, working, growing a family, another business all while cooking, along the way. This is my creative outlet to share the beautiful cuisines I’ve explored in culinary arts, restaurant kitchens, family experiences, markets, the garden, and travel. 

One thing I want to live by is; Never. Stop. Learning. In 2013 I graduated with a BA degree in Culinary Arts from Kendal College but my culinary education didn’t begin there and certainly hasn’t ended.

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with the many chefs across the web, cook (and eat, because who doesn’t love to eat) my way to amazing, healthy, vibrant meals. 

What you will find is that the recipes I share will lean heavily on the healthier side with about a good 80/20 ratio healthy to indulgent. Because health is wealth right?  You shouldn’t have to compromise flavor for wholesomeness. 

The word of food is ever-expanding and always looking to be explored. My mission is to teach you how to create delicious global-inspired meals that keep your tastebuds amazed with your health in mind. Welcome to the culinary adventures of Beyond a Foodie! Look forward to recipes for a number of cultures, eating styles, and diets. Use the categories section of the blog or the search bar to find yummy recipes and videos. The BAF site is updated weekly and you can 

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Let’s Work Together 

Based just outside Chicago, IL team BAF and I  are always looking to collaborate with partners both local and abroad who have a passion for vibrant, delicious foods. If you’re a fellow food lover and want to contribute recipes, or a brand with an amazing product you love to share, I’d love to chat!

Got something else in mind? Shoot me an email at hi@beyondafoodie.com

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