Yummy, colorful plant-based recipes sans animal products

Valentine's Energy Bites

Valentine’s Energy Bites

Make these for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day! Energy bites are small sweet treats made to keep you fueled throughout the day, whether you’re working out, on the go or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. This post features easy energy bites recipes, each taking less than 30 minutes to make and assemble. What better way to say I love you?

Ginger Lavender Butterfly Tea Latté

Ginger Lavender Butterfly Tea Latté

Say hello to true blue! Yes, it’s natural and equally delicious. Butterfly pea flowers originate in Thailand and have been used for some time to create beautiful teas that burst with cyan color. The flowers themselves are mild in flavor but make for a great canvas to build flavors. Try this 4-ingredient tea blend and top with your choice of cream to lift your spirits no matter how “blue” your day is looking.

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